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League Rules - 2015-16



  • Current Player Eligibility Breakdown for the 2015-2016 Season are as follows:

U10- Player needs to be born after August 2005

U11- Player needs to be born after August 2004

U12- Player needs to be born after August 2003

U13- Player needs to be born after August 2002

U14- Player needs to be born after August 2001

U14- AAU ELITE DIVISION- Player needs to be born after August 2001

ELITE 9th GRADE (A player cannot be on a rostered High School Team

*Players may play in an older age bracket but never in a lower age bracket

  • Coaches MUST have team roster (with birth certificates) at all games.

  • Players MUST live in your township; town-based teams are allowed 3 non-residents. (This must be noted on the official league roster). Any exceptions MUST be approved by the League Director and NBBA President.

  • Team rosters must include player, name, address, city/town, school name, uniform #, and a copy of each player’s school ID or a passport size photo. Random checks will take place throughout the season; coaches must have all your team information present at all games for inspection. Failure to provide documentation at the games may result in a forfeit. For teams that are not affiliated with a township program/league, a copy of each player’s school ID will be required to verify residency. The league director has the authority to ask for original birth certificates for any player.

  • Coaches’ sheet and team roster with appropriate documentation and fees are due no later than Saturday, November 7th. Please mail rosters and checks to North Brunswick Basketball Association, 1270 Noah Road, North Brunswick, NJ 08902 (Make check payable to North Brunswick Basketball Association)

  • Any coach found in violation of player information will be immediately suspended for the remainder of the season.

  • Expectations are to have two divisions at each level (U-12 Boys and above) for balance by anticipated team strength. Girls divisions will depend on the number of teams.

  • All games will be played at North Brunswick Township Schools: North Brunswick Township High School or Linwood Middle School on Saturdays and/or Sundays.

  • All games will be 15 minute halves with clock stopping on all whistles. Exception: Running Clock if winning team is up by more than 20 points

  • Each team will be responsible for providing a game clock operator or a score keeper for each game, Failure to do so will result in a forfeit for that respective team. A double-forfeit will be awarded if both teams fail to provide either a game clock operator or score keeper.

  • Full court press is allowed the entire game with the exception of a team that is winning by more than 20 points. (In the U-10 Boys: Full Court Press is allowed in the last three minutes of the game)

  • Two Full Timeouts and Two 30 Second Timeouts will be awarded to each Team

  • Overtime sessions will be 3-minutes and each team will receive one additional full timeout. Regulation timeouts carry over into overtime

  • Ball Size- 28.5 Ball will be used for the Boys (10 & U), (11 & U) (12 & U Boys), & (12 & U Girls) and (14 & U Girls) Divisions. All other divisions will use a High School Regulation Size Ball

  • A coach or player that receives two technical fouls will be ejected from the game and must leave the gym. That coach or player will be suspended for the next game and subject to disciplinary action

  • Five personal fouls will result in removal from the game

  • A team that does not arrive by the scheduled start time will forfeit the game. All teams need a minimum of five players to start the game. All players’ names must appear in the official book, and all players must be on the bench prior to the start of the 2nd half. Any player arriving after the start of the 2nd half is NOT eligible to play. Any team violating this rule will forfeit the game.

  • A team will begin shooting one and one foul shots on the seventh foul, two shots will be awarded on the tenth team foul (In the U-10 Division the foul shooter may cross the line after releasing the ball)

  • Three coaches maximum will accompany the team on bench during the game

  • Winning team is responsible for reporting scores. Please email game results to your League Directors and [email protected]. When submitting game results, please include date, opponent and grade level

  •  Minimum 8 players on the Rosters, Maximum 15 players

  • A player can only play on one rostered team per division this includes the A and B division in that particular division- (Any exceptions MUST be approved by the League Director and NBBA President)

  • No jewelry or earrings can be worn during warm-ups or games. Uniforms must be worn properly

  • If game opponents have similar color uniforms, which will promote confusion with the referees or players, home team can wear pinnies.

  • The playoffs will be conducted in a single elimination tournament, (all teams make the playoffs) and teams will be ranked according to your regular season record. Tiebreakers will result in head to head competition. If teams are tied after head to head competition, a coin flip will determine the playoff seeding

  • The full season schedule will be distributed the week of Thanksgiving.

    • Deadline to submit any schedule conflicts/requests is Saturday, November 7th

    • Once the schedule is published, no requests for changes will be entertained.

    • If a team cannot play at the scheduled time, the result will be a forfeit and the forfeit bond will be cashed.

  • Inclement Weather: In the event of a snow storm please check the website for notification at Your league director will notify you via e-mail or by phone.

  • All teams will maintain insurance and liability to cover its team’s obligations hereunder and upon request will provide the North Brunswick Basketball Association and the North Brunswick Board of Education a certificate of insurance showing that such insurance is in place

  • All teams represented and warrant that all of its coaches shall be qualified and properly trained and shall perform the services of coaching in a competent, professional manner.

  • All teams herby agree to indemnify, defend and hold the North Brunswick Basketball Association, and the North Brunswick Board of Education harmless from and against any and all loss, claims, actions, liability and/or suits suffered or incurred by the North Brunswick Basketball Association, and the North Brunswick Board of Education arising directly or indirectly as a result of the North Brunswick League.